Type VP 3G – 1.000 to 3.000 kg/h

Hoge druk stoomketel type Vapoprex 3G

The high pressure steam boiler type Vapoprex 3G up to 15 bar (higher on request) working pressure is a medium pressure saturated steam generator and has a packaged steel structure with pressurised combustion and high energy efficiency. The boiler has three flue passes, a combustion chamber with cooled end plate and sized to ensure low heating loads. In the 3G range there are 5 models with useful heat outputs from 694 to 2035 kW. The boiler body is insulated with a layer high density mineral wool and covered with stainless steel plate. These modern and high efficiency generators have been designed and developed in compliance with European Directive 97/23/EC (PED) and the most recent national and European standards on pressurised recipients.

The 3G boilers function on every modern fuel such as natural gas, propane and light oil.

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