Type GXC

Hoge druk stoomketel type GXC

The GXC series heat recovery boilers are innovative generators that combine the generation of steam by combustion with heat recovery from hot fumes from external sources. This “free” source is primary, while combustion can be used as a backup or provide the power required if the recovery fumes are not enough to meet the system’s request for steam. Combustion-based operation features three flue-gas pass with passing flame and wet bottom. The boiler’s body is made with flanged tube plates that replace the more traditional corner welds to ensure top safety levels and reduce areas with thermal stress. The recovery section is entirely separated from the combustion section, though it is immersed in the same boiler water. The front doors are secured to the boiler’s body with double jointed hinges, which are used to open and inspect the equipment with no need to remove the boiler. The efficiency of the GXC heat recovery boilers can be further increased by 5% if they are fitted with an economiser, an accessory available for any version of the product.

  • high water content;
  • compact solution thanks to the integration of two operating principles in a single block;
  • simple, quick and safe installation;
  • project pressure values up to 25 bar;
  • flanged tube plates;
  • high operating flexibility;
  • minimum running costs;
  • minimum maintenance costs;
  • easy to access for internal maintenance.

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